Hey! I'm Andrea

" Life has changed in so many ways for me, I have found a job I love because I help other people to change!"

Three years after having my first and only child Jesse, I felt depressed. Looking after my family at home with no time for ME anymore, I started to loath myself and my self-esteem was at an all time low.


My husband John was now able to look after our son which gave me more time to focus on what I wanted to do, my son was starting school very soon. Working around my family was a factor. I hadn’t studied in over 20 years, I was very scared but I was up for the challenge, I signed myself up for the Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.


Originally I wanted to teach children, with the obesity epidemic in the forefront of my mind this was my aim for going back to school and to study Fitness. In turn this made me want to lose weight, be the part as well as look the part.


In 2011, I  reached my goal weight, became stronger and confident in my ability to train others. I had my Certificate 3 in Fitness!


Today, I have a Certificate 4 in Fitness, have become a Punchfit trainer, Metafit instructor and a certified Mini Moves instructor. 

2016 I decided to to challenge myself as my 45th birthday gift to myself by entering my very first bodybuilding competition. I made it to stage & won my category, it was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever done. 


Life is what you make it, with every change to imporve how you feel is the start to a brand new you, take it from me, I wasn't a very fit or healthy person at all, I was able to make make that change, a better way of life for my family & for me. 


  • Australian Fitness Academy Qualification Certificate 3 & 4

  • Punchfit Boxing Course - Courses are fully accredited by Fitness Australia

  • Punchfit Kick Pad Course

  • METAFIT Body Weight Training

  • The Mini Moves Instrutor Accreditation program is a nationally accredited course, supported and delivered by FIA Fitnation

  • Current WWCC

  • Crank Fitness Kettlebell & Suspension Trainer

  • Senior First Aid including CPR

  • Insured with Bizz Cover Insurance