Fitness by Andrea classes start from a base of Cardio Boxing, and include high intensity interval training mixed with body weight exercises.


Whether you’re new to exercise, or looking for a change to your fitness program, Cardio Boxing is perfect. With upper and lower body combinations, and techniques that activate the abdominal muscles and core, your whole body gets a great workout.


The benefits of Cardio Boxing include:


  • Increasing your cardio fitness

  • Improving strength and agility

  • Toning the whole body

  • Losing post-baby weight fast

  • Increasing flexibility, joint mobility and bone density

  • Releasing built up frustration and tension

  • Improves blood flow

  • Improves coordination and stamina


Along with a great bunch of people who have joined Fitness by Andrea


You will be motivated, improve your fitness level and self-confidence, burn calories, tone muscle and, most of all, have fun doing it. 


Outdoor Training - Weather permitting, classes are held outside.  It feels great to train out in the fresh air! All locations have indoor facilities available also.


Children of all ages are welcome – babies in prams, and children can sit, watch, and cheer you on!.



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only!

If you want fast results,

One-on-One sessions are for you.  


You have the undivided attention of your trainer, who can closely observe and correct your technique as you work through a program personalised just for you.  


You will be pushed to the max, there’s no slacking off when it’s one on one!

We have lots of equipment to play with, kettle bells, ropes, weights, trx cable, rower, cross trainer, boxing gloves & more. You will not walk out of my training sessions without feeling it.


Your first session (optional) not mandatory, will include a complimentary weigh in and measure, to track your results.


Two-on-one sessions are also available.  Train with a friend and pay a reduced rate.


P.T Clients Cost - $35 per half hour. 6 sessions paid up front to begin $210








Physical activity should be a part of everyone’s life including teaching our children at a young age.  


Having fun, playing games and exercise is the best way to keep children engaged in physical activity so they want to keep moving.  


Fitness by Andrea provides School Holiday programs as well as Cardio Boxing classes where children box with their trainer (and not each other).  


We also focus on sometimes food versus everyday foods.  Individual personal training sessions for children are also available, contact me for more information.







Do you promote physical activity in your workplace?  


Research shows that more work performance is lost during presenteeism (the loss of productivity that occurs when employees come to work but are not fully functioning due to sickness or injury) than absenteeism, and we all know the health benefits associated with physical activity.


Arrange a block of cardio boxing sessions at your workplace and help your employees physical and mental well-being.


Contact me to discuss a specific package and a time that  suits you (max of 20 people per session).

Group fitness is a great social way of doing exercise.


You will meet people with a like minded desire to get fit. 


The classes run by 7-10week blocks (Evening Classes) or mornings which are by the school Term.


Don't let another year pass by, it's time you did something for you!